“In order to push the boundaries of human knowledge. We MUST push the boundaries of the Human mind.” –Dr. Jonathan Rightbeller Founder and CEO of The Holographic Institute


What do we really know about emotions? Why can some people control their emotions while others can’t. How can some people ignore their fears while others cower in a corner. Well, Forever Sane Inc. Founded by world renown holographic research giant Jonathan Rightbeller is trying to answer those very questions. Their goal is commendable but their methods can be a bit extreme. In recent weeks the newspaper has been filled with stories of people disappearing for a few days only to return a shadow of their former selves. The only thing coherent that anyone can get out of them is mutterings of zombies and skeletons walking around. No clues exist other than that. No one believes that such a reputable man could possibly be doing this.

One day you go to your mailbox and find a letter addressed to you from the Holographic Institute. You open it and it is an invitation to join an experiment. Your buddy did one of their experiments a couple years back and he got paid very well so you decide to check it out. What will happen? Will it be worth the payment?

Find out when you enter The Deadly Maze…

Our First Game

Howdy folks, thanks for stopping by. As you can see the storyline is enticing. The Deadly Maze is our first game and we are working hard to get it released. The Demo is available I will put the links below. This game has seen many changes and bumps since we started on it. You can view our development story below to see just how much things have changed. We hope you enjoy the demo and look for the release announcement soon. We were hoping to be ready by Halloween but that doesn’t look feasible anymore. We don’t want to release a half baked game and destroy our reputation before we even start. Be patient though it is coming

Download the Demo Below


Caution: This game is made to scare the living daylights outa you. You have been warned

Jumpscares, Puzzles, and Terrifying Environments. Can you survive the #horror of The Deadly Maze or will you be another sacrifice for the advancement of Human Kind?

Check out our Trailer

The gameplay is still evolving. Jumpscares will keep you on the edge of your seat, and you will love the unique story

Check out Our Development Story

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The Deadly Maze Indie Horror Game

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