Welcome to Horrorfied Gaming. We are an Indie Game Dev that specializes in scaring the living daylights outa you. Come see the horrors we have available.

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Horrorfied Gaming Indie Game Dev

Horrorfied Gaming was founded in 2018 by Patrick Getchell with the sole purpose of creating games that are scary and fun all at the same time. We began work on The Deadly Maze. Early design evolved quite a bit.

From This…

To This…

It has been a long journey and there have been many bumps. But we are finally nearing the release of our first game. If you like Indie Horror Games then you will love ours. The Deadly Maze is almost complete. The general feeling is that of a virtual haunted house. It is unique as far as indie horror games go.

Our Vision is to see millions of people enjoying our horror games!

Of course, we want to make money. At the end of the day that is the goal of any business. However, our true joy comes from watching people enjoy our games. We started Horrorfied Gaming for that purpose. So to help us achieve this goal we have decided that our first game The Deadly Maze will be offered to the public upon release absolutely free. Keep checking this page along with our social media to find out when we release The Deadly Maze. If you want to try out the demo simply CLICK HERE.